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Wall and Road Breaker

  • Large scale demolition chiseling hammers usually feature low durability due to parts damage caused by heavy vibration during operation.
  • Chiseling works are usually performed in hot and humid conditions, which require better cooling performance, in order to prevent motor from overheating damage.
  • Our products equip patent electronic controlling system, with a dual directional buffer structure, to effectively decrease vibration while running, and ensure professional-level durability of the device.
  • We apply strict design and testing standards to ensure quality, optimizing motor cooling performance so that running temperature of our motor is 10℃ lower than that of common DIY devices, while the running power is 200w-400w higher.
OEM Service

Hengyou is a professional rotary hammer and demolition hammer manufacturer that is experienced for over 30 years, with production power of 1.5 million per year. Hengyou owns two self-owned brands, “HENGYOU” and “PTG”, also provide OEM service according to customers’ requirements. Since establishment in 1988, we are dedicated to power tool developing and manufacturing, for now we have formed a complete manufacturing procedure. We’ve established professional technical team, manufacturing team, QA team, after service and support team, etc., choose Hengyou as your provider is a wise choice.