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  • Industrial four-pit light electric hammer (Z2C-DW-26C4-T)
  • Industrial four-pit electric hammer (Z2C-DW-32C3-1)
  • Industrial SDS MAX constant speed electric hammer (Z2C-DW-40C3-1TH)
  • Industrial HEX heavy duty electric breaker (Z2G-DW-125C)
OEM Service

Hengyou is a professional rotary hammer and demolition hammer manufacturer that is experienced for over 30 years, with production power of 1.5 million per year. Hengyou owns two self-owned brands, “HENGYOU” and “PTG”, also provide OEM service according to customers’ requirements. Since establishment in 1988, we are dedicated to power tool developing and manufacturing, for now we have formed a complete manufacturing procedure. We’ve established professional technical team, manufacturing team, QA team, after service and support team, etc., choose Hengyou as your provider is a wise choice.