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Portable Electric Power Tools Manufacturer Since 1988

Full Range of Rotary Hammer and Demolition Hammer

HENGYOU offers a variety of durable construction tools manufactured for commercial and residential applications
About us

Since establishment in 1988, as a professional rotary hammer and demolition hammer manufacturer, Zhejiang Hengyou Machine & Electron Co., Ltd. is dedicated to develop power tools featuring high performance, high efficient and high stability, and provide customers better solutions in interior decoration, architecture, and road construction.

Hengyou’s facility covers an area of 143,000 square meters, with 100,000 square meters of gross floor area. Hengyou is a manufacturer that is with 650 staffs, featuring a productivity of 1.5 million devices per year. Besides, Hengyou owns two self-owned brands, “HENGYOU” and “PTG”, of which the products take more than 15% part of our total sales volume. After 30 years of development, Hengyou has formed a culture and strategy with our own characteristic.

Drilling and Demolition Tools

As an outstanding manufacturer of professional power tools in China, we concentrate on rotary hammer and demolition hammer only. Experienced for over 30 years, Hengyou's production capacity reaches 1.5 million per year, including 65% of rotary hammers and 35% demolition hammers. We provide customers professional concrete drilling and demolition solutions with our power tools.

Application of Power Tools

One thing for certain: common universal rotary hammers and demolition hammers are not able to satisfy drilling or chiseling need of professional customers. Hengyou provides rotary hammers and demolition hammer that are specially designed for certain industries and applications. We provide professional products according to different drilling and chiseling working conditions, for example, professional rebar planting strengthening drilling, wall chiseling, rock drilling, large scale wall and road surface demolition, etc. If you need drilling, chiseling and demolition works done on other materials and in other conditions, please contact us, we can provide you proper solution and help you choose proper power tools.

OEM Service

Hengyou is a professional rotary hammer and demolition hammer manufacturer that is experienced for over 30 years, with production power of 1.5 million per year. Hengyou owns two self-owned brands, “HENGYOU” and “PTG”, also provide OEM service according to customers’ requirements. Since establishment in 1988, we are dedicated to power tool developing and manufacturing, for now we have formed a complete manufacturing procedure. We’ve established professional technical team, manufacturing team, QA team, after service and support team, etc., choose Hengyou as your provider is a wise choice.